21 Jan

Crystal Rift slot is a variation of the classic game Diamond. But compared to the Diamond game, Crystal Rift gives players big winning Jackpot attractive winning lines, the number of winning lines is also more. 

Most especially, Crystal Rift allows players to bet directly on each of their games. The bet amount the player actively chooses and the payout coefficient at Crystal Rift is very high. Make sure that after each win, the total score you get always makes you satisfied.

Crystal Rift is a slot game designed in a modern style with rate RTP: 96.470 %. When participating in Crystal Rift Players will mine space gems to receive bonuses.

Bets and Prizes

In Crystal Rift players are allowed to choose bets from $0.25 to $50 per round. This is not a large range, so this slot game is suitable for many people, especially people with low to good income.Players can easily get rewards x1,000 times or 2000 coins. 

The biggest reward can be up to 50,000 coins. According to statistics, the RTP index announced by the manufacturer is up to 96%, demonstrating how great the attraction of Crystal Rift is.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol in the game is the image of Diamond Cube – a diamond cross. The Wild symbol can substitute any other symbol to complete a winning combination.

Bonus Falls

Any winning combination on the reels will trigger the Bonus Falls feature. Here’s how it works:

Winnings Will Be Paid Out

The remaining symbols will fall to fill the symbol gaps. At this point, the bonus drop begins and new symbols will fall to fill the reels.The bonus drop is repeated, as long as there is a winning combination on the reels.

Wild Grid Feature

At the start of each first drop, a Wild Grid will be randomly selected. There is an indicator that shows the location of the Wild Grid symbol. Each fall forms a winning combination that will highlight a portion of the indicators. After 3 consecutive drops, the Wild Grid will be activated. Each symbol on the Wild Grid will be replaced by a Wild Symbol for the next bonus drop.The Wild Grid feature can be reactivated after 3 consecutive drops.The available Wild Grid styles are divided into 4 categories. The stronger the net, the higher the chance of winning.

Payment Symbols

Winning combinations are activated from left to right. The longest valid combination on each payline will be rewarded.

Orange stone100.0025.005.00
Green stone25.0010.002.50
Red stone10.002.501.50
Yellow stone
Yellow stone 22.000.600.40
Blue stone 12.501.000.50
Blue stone 21.000.500.30
Purple stone0.600.400.20

It can be assessed that this is a slot game with a beautiful design interface and many features that earn the largest amount of money for players. Explore more games like Power of Thor Megaways Slot, Trucks Slot.. for more options. 


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