09 Jan

With the desire to bring players a new and more interesting experience, Goddess Of Mercy has an online version – a new game in the fish table game genre.Similar golden dragon online, Goddess Of Mercy is an online fish table game that possesses all the advantages of the old game, while adding many other new features. This game will definitely not disappoint gamers. On the contrary, they will spend hours and hours to participate, increasing profits by killing fish.If players are looking for a new game, still in the online fish table genre and with quality graphics, players do not forget Goddess Of Mercy fish game.

What Is Goddess Of Mercy?

Goddess Of Mercy is a game released by a major manufacturer. Therefore, all aspects are carefully invested, giving customers the most satisfied experience.About the image Goddess Of Mercy is a miniature ocean world with hundreds of sea creatures. Each species has a different shape and color, creating a diversity and color for the ocean world.The game includes 3 levels for players to participate in, the ranks in order from easy to difficult for players to choose. The higher the bet tier, the more players have to bet. Therefore, the weapons have increasing strength and the rewards players receive are extremely attractive.

The Features Of Goddess of Mercy Fish Table Game

Except for the new creatures that appear in the game, Goddess Of Mercy becomes even more special when possessing many weapons, not all games in the online fish table have.

  • Railgun: The gun will fire a large spark and any fish that appears in the railgun’s line of fire will be destroyed.
  • Interlink : A circular explosion is created and all creatures within the circle’s influence are killed. Immediately in the player’s bonus wallet the amount of real money increases rapidly.
  • Drill Bomb: This is a drill with great destructive power. Almost all the fish on the screen are killed by this drill.
  • Petit Fire: Multiple flames appear at the same time, it combined to form the optimal power to destroy fish.
  • Freeze: When this weapon is used by the player, all fish on the screen will be frozen. Within a certain period of time after freezing, the fish will be killed.
  • Jade Gourd: A lot of fish will be sucked with this weapon, they will die within a specified amount of time. When using this weapon, the player does not need to distinguish big or small fish, except for bosses, all other fish can be affected.
  • Rocket rain: Players will gain extremely amazing value if using this weapon to hunt fish.
  • No matter what weapon the player uses when joining Goddess Of Mercy. Players can still hunt many fish species and receive great bonuses.


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